2D/3D Artist

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Multi-disciplined artist with a background producing 2D and 3D artwork for visual effects, promotional material and real-time environments. Experience includes working on a selection of both self-managed projects and as part of small teams.
I have a good sense of humour, am adaptable and resourceful, quick and eager to learn, and am driven by a desire to work competently, efficiently and creatively.

Work Experience

Freelance Artist  2005-Present

  • Communicating and consulting with both clients and collaborators.
  • Produced 3D artwork using Maya and Adobe Photoshop for iPad app Why the Net Matters: How the Internet Will Save Civilization by David Eagleman in collaboration with PopLeaf.
  • Created renders in Maya using mentalray and composited with Adobe After Effects for use in promotional material for Naked Energy Ltd.
  • Worked as an in-house graphic designer for a small coffee bar producing a variety of POS and promotional artwork primarily using Adobe Illustrator as well as requiring original photography.
  • Restoration and retouching of photographs of an archive of paintings using Photoshop.
  • Illustration requests for children’s bedrooms, scientific papers, promotional material, and concept visualisation.
  • Photographic commissions including portraits, promotional images, and collaborating with writers. Involved a lot of collage, retouching, and manipulation using Photoshop.

Café Rouge  Barman  July 2006-Present

  • Maintaining effective communcation with other team members.
  • Managing workflow to optimise both quality and efficiency.

Software Proficiency

  • Maya
  • Photoshop
  • After Effects
  • Premiere
  • Illustrator
  • Matchmover/Boujou
  • Topogun/3D-Coat
  • Unreal Development Kit / Unity3D / Source SDK


Anglia Ruskin University  2009-2012
Computer Games and Visual Effects BA(Hons)

  • 3D Modelling
  • Texture Development
  • Concept Art Production
  • Animation and Rigging
  • Collaboration with other Departments
  • Optimisition for both Real-Time and Offline Rendering
  • Project and Pipeline Management
  • Matchmoving
  • Compositing
  • Study of Art and Film Fundamentals
  • Film Production
  • Version Control Software
  • Steadicam Operation

Technical Skills

  • Familiar with all aspects of a 3D production pipeline, particularly within Unity3D and UDK. Largely focused towards environmental art but with an understanding of character-creation pipelines from initial concepts, modelling, rigging, through to asset importing, and integration with other systems.
  • Experience working with several game engines over a number of different projects for desktop/web/mobile platforms and primarily focusing on asset production (modelling, texturing, particle effects, audio creation) and occasionally requiring scripting with C#/UnrealScript.
  • Texture creation utilising a variety of media including photographic, hand drawn/painted and digitally created sources to meet the needs of technical and design considerations.


    I have a healthy appetite for the consumption of games and media, with a particular taste for co-operative titles.
    I take a keen interest in following game development; i.e. reading up background information and watching developer videos.
    Alongside my interest in game I have a tendency to follow creative pursuits such as video editing, photography, and drawing.